The advertisement went out to all members in June and we aim to shortlist and interview for a pancreatic cancer research lead (joint initiative between AUGIS, Pancreatic Cancer UK (PCUK) and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (PCRF)). Secondly, we will be also interviewing for a research lead for oesophago-gastric cancer, co-funded with Heartburn Cancer UK. We are continuing to discuss the possibility of a liver research lead with various charities, as well as the Royal College of Surgeons. I do believe that such joint collaboration in terms of the research profile of AUGIS linked to various charities is a very positive one and in association with The Royal College of Surgeons will bear fruit in the not too distant future. You may have noticed requests over the past year to complete surveys or sign up for collaborative studies. The majority of such activities have been driven by our trainees. I would ask if you would continue to support such activity which is excellent for all concerned. Projects such as the Upper GI DELPHI process, HPB DELPHI Process and RIOCHET to name but a few. Finally can I once again pay tribute to Helen Riley for her help with the websites, conferences and social media. She is a star! No report would be complete without recognition of my ‘two rocks’, Nichola and Sarv who are an absolute joy to work with. Their dedication, support and commitment to ensuring successful conferences is astounding! Thanks Ladies. I look forward to welcoming everyone in Edinburgh for what will be a fantastic celebration of upper GI, hepatobiliary & bariatric surgery in UK & Ireland. Many thanks. Mr Mark Taylor Education, Training and Research Lead Since my last report, we have continued to enjoy successful conferences. BOMSS Conference was held in Telford in January (25 – 26 January 2018), which again saw many delegates enjoy an exciting conference. This follows on the back of an extremely successful IFSO conference, which has firmly placed the UK & Ireland Bariatric Surgeons at the forefront of developments in surgery for obesity in Europe. Great Britain & Ireland Hepatobiliary Association enjoyed an excellent international conference in Leamington Spa (15 – 16 March 2018). This conference was unique in that we had a delegation from China under the leadership of Prof. Fan from Shanghai. Both local delegates and our international friends enjoyed a ‘combined’ learning environment and this pathed the way for further collaborative projects. We were also fortunate to have Prof. Guy Maddern from Adelaide present a keynote lecture on what we do not know about hepatobiliary surgery. He also entertained us with the details of the new hospital build in Adelaide which is now regarded as the most expensive hospital in the world. This was a fascinating insight into planning and executing a new hospital using ‘private finance initiatives’. Another highlight was the ‘precision pancreas’ talk from Prof Andrew Biankin from Glasgow. The conference concluded with an international debate, which looked at issues and opportunities in surgical training in China, Australia & United Kingdom. I would personally like to thank Ashley Dennison (President GBIHPBA) and Professors Fan and Zhou from Shanghai for ensuring an excellent meeting. In looking forward, I am delighted to announce some key features of our forthcoming annual AUGIS Conference, which will be held in Edinburgh from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September 2018. It is particularly important to note that on the Wednesday morning we will be having a training day for all trainees in upper GI, HPB & Bariatric Surgical training. The main conference starts this year on Wednesday afternoon rather than Thursday morning. The conference will run until Friday lunchtime. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into ensuring a superb programme for this meeting. I am grateful to our local organisers Mr Graeme Couper and Mr Peter Lamb and our president, Richard Hardwick, for their assistance in helping deliver an excellent programme. Mr Graeme Couper Mr Peter Lamb I am delighted to welcome Mr Don Low from Seattle USA as well as Prof. Takeshi-Sano from Tokyo, Japan to the conference this year. Both these world leaders have rearranged their diaries to allow a visit to the AUGIS Conference, and for that I am extremely grateful. The conference in September precedes a major Edinburgh OG and HPB Fellow reunion on the Saturday 22 September 2018. As a result, we have a host of international speakers, who are arriving not just for the reunion, but also to attend the AUGIS conference. I am delighted to confirm that the following faculty will be speaking prior to attending the Fellows reunion: Mr Brendan Visser from Stanford University, Prof. John Windsor from Auckland, New Zealand; Prof. Rob Padbury from Adelaide, Australia; Prof. Kees Dejong from Maastricht University, as well as Mr Saxon Connor from Christchurch, New Zealand The conference dinner will be held in the fabulous National Museum of Scotland on the Thursday evening. I can assure everyone that this will be a night to remember so please book early! In my last report I mentioned the discussions in relation to Research Leads associated with the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and the various charities. Report from the Education, Training and Research Lead AUGIS Summer 2018 Newsletter Mr Mark Taylor Report from the Education, Training and Research Lead AUGIS CNS and Allied Health Professionals Update ‘At last year’s Conference in Cork the AUGIS Council met with some of the CNSs and AHPs who were attending the Affiliate sessions. In recognition of the valuable contribution CNS and AHP members make to the patient’s experience and the wider multidisciplinary team, they are keen to facilitate a greater engagement with all upper GI CNSs and AHPs across the UK and Ireland. One of the primary aims being to ensure that future AUGIS Meetings will offer Affiliate programmes that provide a depth and variety of informative teaching and learning sessions. To this end a number of OG and HPB CNSs and AHPs have been meeting to explore ways in which AUGIS as an organisation, could facilitate and ensure all CNS and AHPs across the country benefit from being both a member and attending the meetings each year. It is hoped that this renewed commitment to CNSs and AHPs will be demonstrated in the upcoming scientific meeting in Edinburgh in September. Watch this space.’ Alex McAfee CNS Team Leader, Belfast AUGIS Summer 2018 Newsletter 4 5