Bariatric Nurses Google group If you are a bariatric nurse who would like support from other bariatric nurses please email me as I can add you to the Bariatric Nurses google group where you can ask any questions that will help support your patients care. Jeremy Gilber - or Jenny Abraham - Jenny.Abraham@uhcw. Bariatric Dietetic Google group This group is open to dietitians working in bariatric surgery or supporting people before or after surgery. Please contact Mary O’Kane - mary.o’ to join. All All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity This excellent report was launched on the 15th May 2018. Professor Rachel Batterham provided evidence for the enquiry. The report highlighted that 88% of people with obesity reported experiencing weight stigma or discrimination and the lack of equity to accessing weight management services including bariatric surgery. The report called for “a renewed focus on making equitable and appropriate provision across the whole obesity pathway, which a national obesity strategy can set out”. The report can be viewed at uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/ APPG-Obesity-2018.pdf OBSMUK Tweetchats These tweet chats are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8pm. Recent topics have included physical activity hosted by Prof Paul Gateley, improving follow-up after bariatric surgery by Mary O’Kane and weight stigma by Dr Stuart Flint. Patient support groups led by Ken Clare and psychological issues by Dr Denise Ratcliffe will be future topics. Join us by following #obsmuk , Mr Zaher Toumi @ZaherToumi and Mary O’Kane @mpmok IFSO Integrated Health Dr Silvia Leite Faria led a webinar on Necessary Supplements following Bariatric Surgery. Mary O’Kane participated as a discussant. This is now available to IFSO members on the Virtual Academy page http:// There are also a number of other educational awards of interest to IH members. For the first time, five IH scholarships were made available for an IH member (one from each of the five IH chapters) to attend IFSO 2018. The successful award winners have now been informed. Congratulations to Sally Abbott, BOMSS member and dietitian, who as the EC successful winner will be attending IFSO 2018 in Dubai. We hope that IFSO will be in a position to offer IH scholarships again next year. IFSO circulated an IH questionnaire to understand the needs of members and help plan future webinars and other educational events. Please complete it if you have not done so. Update from Mary O’Kane, Prof Rachel Batterham and Maureen Boyle BOMSS AHP Council Members BOMSS 9th Annual Conference 2018 The new year started with a successful conference and training day in Telford. Mr Waleed Al-Khyatt organised an excellent training day which received very positive feedback. This was followed by the main conference which had an excellent programme organised by Mr Manel Riera. The consultation process for psychological guidelines was launched at the conference. Guidelines for psychological support pre and post bariatric surgery Jane Ogden, Vanessa Snowden Carr and Denise Ratcliffe Research indicates that psychological factors are an integral part of the bariatric process. In line with this, several research teams have argued that bariatric patients require psychological input pre and post- surgery and that weight loss surgery should only be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) that can provide psychological support. To date, however, although there are guidelines for the nutritional managementofpatientspostbariatric surgery, how weight management services should be structured and a quality statement by NICE on the need for appropriate follow care after surgery no guidelines exist for the provision of psychological support pre and post bariatric surgery. As a result JO, VSC and DR were approached by British Obesity Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) council in September 2017 to produce guidelines for psychological support pre and post bariatric surgery. This is now ongoing and involves the following steps: i) Review of the evidence base; ii) Expert input; iii)Feedback from the BOMSS delegates; iv)Feedback from the Special Interest Group (SIG); v) Service user feedback; vi) Presentation to BOMSS council; vii) Presentation to the UK Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO). To dates steps i – iv have been completed and a draft guidelines paper is being written for presentation to BOMSS. This describes three service models for the delivery of psychological support pre surgery, 9 months post surgery and for ongoing support up to 36 months post surgery. The guidelines are founded upon the following principles to reflect both the existing evidence and the feedback we have received: i) A living document: Due to the absence of strong evidence these guidelines are presented as a work in progress and should be considered a living document which can be amended in light on new research evidence and feedback from service providers and service users. This document will be therefore linked to an online blog where new evidence and feedback can be added so that the guidelines can be amended over time. ii) Flexible and pragmatic: The guidelines are designed to be flexible and pragmatic as a means to aim towards a better service model which is feasible rather than an ideal service model which will never be implemented. iii) Advisory: Given the concerns expressed in the feedback we received the guidelines are considered advisory rather than prescriptive. iv) Broad based content: The service models presented involve a range of different types of psychological support which can be delivered using a range of modes such as face to face, online, workshops and groups. v) Skills based delivery: Given the existing literature and feedback received in the development of these guidelines it is recommended that the different components of the service models are delivered by health care professionals deemed suitably skilled according to the necessary competencies rather than just by professional label. It is hoped that the final guidelines will be presented at the ASO in September 2018, available from the BOMSS website and published in a peer review journal. Certified Bariatric Nursing Course Bariatric Surgery is a great specialty to be working in. I have been working as a Bariatric Nurse Specialist in Cornwall for the last 8 ½ years and have loved every minute of it. One thing I have found challenging is learning everything I need to know to make this role work well for the patients I support and the hospital I work for. However hard I try to look for courses to gain that extra knowledge, I can never seem to find them. Recently BOMSS was approached by the ASMBS Bariatric Nurses, they are keen to support bariatric nursing education by helping us introduce a Certified Bariatric Nursing course into the UK. I have been asked alongside Jenny Abraham from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire to look at how this could work. There is a lot of work to do to bring this to fruition but it is a positive step towards improving our education and the care we can give our patients. We will be seeking support in the future to look at what we need to include to make it relevant to us in the UK. Please contact us with areas of knowledge and competencies you feel should be included in a Bariatric Nurse Course. To capture your opinions and views on a Bariatric Nurse Course a survey will be published via BOMSS later in the year and we hope you will respond. If you are a bariatric nurse and would like to help with this project please feel free to email me Jeremy Gilbert - or Jenny Abraham - Jenny.Abraham@ AUGIS Summer 2018 Newsletter BOMSS Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Update Your views please Please get in contact to let us know how we can best represent you on Council. We look forward to hearing from you. Rachel Batterham, Maureen Boyle and Mary O’Kane. Email: Mary.o’ AUGIS Summer 2018 Newsletter BOMSS Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Update 12 13